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In an effort to make up for lost tourism, income and investment due to the global pandemic, the Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission to Australia and New Zealand (FCGTC) has been working closely with Investment Fiji to improve market access and find new export opportunities for businesses and exporters in Fiji.

As a part of these efforts, Investment Fiji has launched an Exporter Guide which provides the latest information on certification and testing of products, incentives, logistics services, current trade agreements, licensing, export insurance and financing.

The new online resource has been developed with the support of Australia’s Market Development Facility (MDF). Hence, its launch was officiated by the Australian High Commission’s Counsellor for Development Cooperation, Ms Joanna Houghton. During the event, she stated “COVID-19 has impacted global trade, and the Australian Government is keen to support economic recovery initiatives in Fiji”.

In addition, the FCGTC team in Sydney has

recently hosted an ‘Exporting to Australia’ webinar. Mr Daniel Stow, A/Officer-In-Charge at the FCGTC, welcomed representatives from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, who demonstrated the ‘BICON’, Biosecurity Import Condition System, to over 70 Fijian exporters, farmers and MSME’s; and representatives from Biosecurity Authority Fiji, who also discussed export controls from the Fijian side, providing attendees with a holistic overview of the end-to-end process.

On March 1, the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism & Transport (MCTTT) Hon. Faiyaz Koya launched the Investment Fiji’s Fiji Trade Expo Series. The virtual exhibition aims to promote Fiji’s premium products and services targeted to international buyers and distributors.

Each month, the Expo Series will focus on a different market, including New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, India, Europe and the USA. The FCGTC is supporting this initiative by promoting the Trade Expo among their network and through multiple online channels including media outlets such as Stuff, New Zealand’s largest news site.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in Fiji is known as the BPO “Hub of the Pacific” and as a result of the Fijian Government's effort to diversify the country’s economy, this sector has significantly grown over the past decade.

Providing a range of services encompassing data entry, social media, call centres, digital marketing, IT help desks, accounts, and HR the option to outsource key business functions to Fiji is becoming widely utilised due to the shift for greater diversification in Fiji's COVID-19 recovery.

With a 96% literacy rate, English as one of the nationally spoken languages, neutral accent, competitively priced services, proximity to both Australia and New Zealand and mutual cultural understanding between the three countries, have all led to Fiji experiencing an up-take in the BPO sector services.

Matchboard - a company that connects businesses to services and solutions such as contact centres - recently developed a 61 Essential Facts Guide about Outsourcing to Fiji to assist in further opportunities.

For decades, Fiji has been producing garments for some of the most iconic brands in Australia and New Zealand. Fiji offers a high-end, ethical and cost-effective alternative solution for smaller orders. In addition, the ‘Make it in Fiji’ initiative guarantees that manufacturers are committed to a process of continuous improvement in all aspects of their business.

Since COVID-19, brands all over the world have been impacted by the disruption of their supply chains; they have been forced to rethink their strategy and look for suppliers outside the traditional markets. As a result of the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Council (TCF) efforts to promote Fijian manufacturing, both regionally and around the world, businesses in this sector are booming.

Performance Flotation Development (PFD), a sportswear and life jackets manufacturer in Suva, reported a 20% increase in their lifejacket production and a 10% increase in sports clothing’s demand to compare to the same period in 2020. Managing Director, Mike Towler, said it is their best season in the past four years.

The Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission to Australia and New Zealand, has supported the textile sector in Fiji through several initiatives including exhibitions and trade shows in their respective markets, introducing new buyers and facilitating communication with existing ones.

For more information about the sector and potential business opportunities please contact our teams in Australia and New Zealand.

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