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TaveNiu Virgin Coconut Oil

TaveNiu Virgin Coconut Oil – cold processed oil via centrifuges–no heat involved and no fermenting involved.

The Virgin Coconut oil coming out of that process is of very high quality and it is certified organic by Australian Certified Organic for Australian market and USA market.

The company is looking for overseas market for selling the oil in bulk. 

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Ladies and men’s work boots with steel toe caps, uniform shoes, hiking boots, military boots and stockmans boots. 

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The Fijian Collection

The Fijian Collection “Noqu Kalou Noqu Vanua” is a Fijian apparel brand that celebrates Fijian culture and heritage through its products. The brand’s name translates to “My God, My Land” in English, reflecting the deep connection between the Fijian people and their spiritual beliefs tied to the land.

The Fijian Collection offers a range of clothing and accessories inspired by traditional Fijian designs and motifs. Their collection includes t-shirts, dresses, sarongs, caps, and bags, all featuring unique Fijian patterns and symbols. The brand aims to promote and preserve Fijian culture by incorporating traditional elements into modern, stylish designs.

One of the notable aspects is its commitment to sustainability. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and practices to minimize its environmental impact. Additionally, they collaborate with local artisans and craftspeople, supporting the local community and promoting the traditional craftsmanship of Fiji.

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Three Hundred Islands

Fijian ginger is acclaimed as the best in the world due to the excellent growing conditions and fertile land. 

The benefits of ginger are well known globally and the growing trend amongst western countries is to incorporate it in their daily routine as an immune booster and better overall well-being.

This Ginger Elixir is so unique that it’s often hard to categorise, but put simply, it’s a versatile drink mixer, that can be used to create interesting non-alcoholic beverages from cool refreshing drinks to hot soothers….plus unlimited cocktails and even cooking – only limited by your imagination! 

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Tracey Ann Farrington – Fashion Designer

Tracey Ann Farrington is a renowned fashion designer based in Fiji, specializing in the design, manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing of an exclusive luxury resort wear brand. Inspired by her upbringing near St. Kilda beach, Tracey’s passion for beach and resort lifestyles shines through in her exceptional creations.

With Fiji serving as a pivotal place for her artistic growth, Tracey has dedicated herself to cultivating her skills as a textile designer. Her collections feature meticulously crafted designs using natural fiber yarn fabrics, predominantly woven in georgette. This weaving technique lends her fabric creations a beautiful drape and flowing quality, embodying the essence of resort wear elegance. Notably, Tracey takes great pride in manufacturing her collections in Nadi, Fiji, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

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Tropic Wood Industries Ltd

Tropik Wood Industries Limited (TWIL) is the largest sawmiller and wood-chipping facility in the Fiji Islands.

The company not only produce world-class timber and woodchip, but they are also the largest exporter of renewable bio-mass energy to the national grid.

TWIL is a 100% owned subsidiary company of Fiji Pine Limited.

It was founded in 1987 under the name of Forestry Development Services Limited which was later renamed to Tropik Wood Industries Limited.

It is the processing arm of the vertically integrated Fiji Pine Group.

In 2011, Tropik Wood Industries Limited undertook a major transformation project to drive efficiencies within its operations and more importantly to become a responsible and sustainable business venture.

During this transformation, the Drasa factory was upgraded entirely to a new facility with state-of-the-art machinery.

When it comes to quality timber, Tropik Wood Industries Limited has you covered. 

At Tropik Wood Industries Limited, we have an eye for quality for the present and the future.

The parent company grows quality pine then passes it over to Tropik Wood to be milled in their world-class facility, where the best quality timber is produced in the South Pacific.

The company’s wood chips are proudly exported to countries like Japan and China.

The current range includes: Lining; Flooring; Shiplap; Weather Boards; Cladding; Ribbed & Plain Decking; Square Dressed; Post and Poles; and Woodchips. 

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Tropical Scent Premium Kava

 Tropical Scent Premium Kava is an indigenous Fijian family-owned business based in the Fiji Islands. 

We purchase kava directly from our established network of indigenous Fijian farmers from Fiji’s second-largest Island “Vanua Levu”, and from “Kadavu” Island. Both regions are well known for growing Kava. 

At Tropical Scent, we only purchase and distribute pure Waka which is the dried root of the kava plant. We bring to you the real taste of the Fiji Islands with Kava that is packed with love, and that we are gladly present to our family and friends. 


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Unik Tropical Export

Unik Tropical Export is an agriculture export company based in Nadi, Fiji. The company has exported to New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan, however, currently their main export market is the United States of America.

Unik Tropical Export has also received organic certification from USDA organic for fresh yellow turmeric.

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United Apparel

United Apparel has a proud history of growth and investment in Fiji since 1989 and today maintains the largest and most modern manufacturing facility in the industry.

Our factory complex was purpose built in 1992 and houses some of the more advanced technology available in the apparel manufacturing sector in Fiji.

This ensures that our staff of over 800 full-time workers are able to fill orders in an efficient and timely manner on a once-off or ongoing basis to exacting specifications. 

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Valley Fresh

Valley Fresh – a manufacturer of Food and Beverages, specialising in tinned products and packet juices. 

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Vanua Chocolate

Founded in 2018, Vanua Craft Chocolate is a vertically integrated social enterprise producing specialty cocoa and craft chocolate at origin in Fiji.

Our mission is to use absurdly tasty chocolate as a tool for creating local jobs and sustainably improving incomes for smallholder cocoa farmers throughout Fiji.

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Vinod Patel & Company Ltd

Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd is a family business, named after the founder of the company, the eldest brother of a family originating from Ba town in Fiji.

Vinod Patel left school at the age of 16 to work so that his earnings could go towards supplementing the family’s income.

Less than a year later, his younger brother Umakant Patel left school and joined the workforce for the same reason.

After working at hardware stores in Ba and nearby towns, the brothers thought it was time that they had a business of their own. 

With more than 50 years of experience and vast expertise, Vinod Patel & Co. Ltd. is a leading company based in the Fiji Islands and is among the largest hardware companies in the South Pacific.

The company is committed to offering quality products, reliable services and customized solutions to all their customers.

They measure their success in terms of their large number of happy customers and clients.

With a customer-centric approach, the team has earned recognition and repute.

It is their commitment to offer customers the widest range and the highest quality products at competitive and affordable prices. 

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Zonah United

Zonah United – produces, manufactures and delivers Premium Packed Quality Fijian Grown Organic Spices to the international market so that they are able to work with more rural communities and help many other families who currently are unemployed.

Products include: Turmeric Powder, Ginger Powder, Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Powder and Chilli Flakes. 

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Zuber Fiji

Zuber is Fiji’s finest luxury fashion brand, with a strong commitment to ensuring environmentally and socially sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. Zuber was established in 2015 by Ilai Jikoiono and Fuzz Ali as a design idea, and today boasts retail outlets and resort stockists across Fiji, with all products designed and produced at the Zuber Atelier in Suva, Fiji.

Grounded in this space of dualities – of minds, locations, cultures, and ways of life – each collection release reflects conflict and reconciliation within itself. Each collection of essentials and statement pieces holds elements of the duality of the contemporary and the traditional, the feminine and the masculine, the tough and the soft, the world and the Pacific.

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