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PFD Fiji

Our Lifejackets are designed in Australia and made by PFD Fiji Pte Ltd in a modern, well equipped factory in the Fiji Islands.

We are proud to own and operate our own facility in Fiji, which provides employment for about 200 local staff.

Our Lifejackets are made using a wide range of quality fabrics, providing superior buoyancy, durability, comfort and support.

Our Research and Development team are constantly testing new designs and features that make Ultra Lifejackets among the most advanced in the world.

All our Lifejackets are Australian Standards Approved and designed to keep you safe and comfortable.

We take pride in being able to offer you the best Lifejackets available today. 

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Pleass Global Limited

A listed company on the SPSE and has supplied premium bottled water to customers in Fiji since 1996 and more recently across the Pacific, the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

Products include: VaiWai® Premium Natural Artesian Water, AquaSafe® Natural Artesian Water. 

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Punjas – From the humble beginnings, the family-run business has now grown to be one of the Pacific’s largest privately-owned companies employing over 1,100 people.

Products include flour, rice, biscuits/cookies, lentils & spices, wraps, milk & tea. 

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Pure Fiji

Pure Fiji’s products represent the lifestyle in the Pacific.

Pristine environment, a bounty of fresh and natural ingredients, and traditions that have been in place for centuries.

All utilised in a healthy way of living that comes so integrated in Fiji’s culture.

It would be impossible to maintain the enthusiasm that they have for their product range, were they not convinced and assured that their product was of good quality…. but more than that – something special.

A unique product, bringing a timeless secret of well being and health to their customers. 

Products: A wide range of body care products 

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R.C. Manubhai & Co. Pte Ltd

In addition, to the general hardware and building material items, all branches across Fiji offers its customers a selection of Tiles, Sanitary ware, Light fixtures and Office Furniture.

The company’s stores are designed in such a way that it provides an ease of shopping to all its retail customers whilst also giving design inspiration to Homemakers, Architects and Building Contractors.

The store displays and layouts allow customers to touch and feel some of the world’s best brands and quality products under one roof.

All branches operate with a big team of experienced staff providing excellent customer service that has made R. C. Manubhai & Co. PTE Ltd the most trusted hardware company in the country. 

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Roofing & Profiles (Fiji) Pte Limited

Roofing & profiles (Fiji) Pte ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing sheet of various profiles, cladding, purlins, rainwater goods, water tank, and associated products.

The company was established in 2002 and was awarded FTIB Emerging exporter of the year 2005 and has continued to expand and will do so into the future.

Roofing & profiles (Fiji) PTE Limited also specialises in Pre-Engineered Design Buildings which offers more than 65 standard steel buildings to choose from to meet both the aesthetic and functional needs of any consumer.

The company’s steel buildings can be utilized for a multitude of projects ranging from a small backyard shop to a large airplane hangar for e.g., residential buildings, warehouses, truck storage, offices, and agricultural buildings.

We offer a variety of sizes that can be expanded even after your steel building is constructed. 

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Savasava Kava

100% Fijian owned company with the mission of bringing the taste of original Fijian grown kava to the world. 

The ideology of integrating our yagona farmers to empower and grow their livelihoods through sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods, while generating revenue to help support their families and loved ones 

Our company only deals with farmers, thereby eliminating middleman who intimidate and influence farmers through cash traps. 

We place ethics and sustainability at the forefront of our service. We continue to create employment and revenue streams for individuals and create awareness and a level playing field for farmers in the export arena. Through my perseverance I’m sure I will be able to create jobs and better the lives of individuals and farmers. 

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SeaQuest Fiji

Since its establishment in 2006, Sea Quest (Fiji) Limited started with three boats and now has a total of 8 licensed ocean-going fishing vessels and making their presence known very strongly in the fishing industry today.

Employing around 200+ staff including Crew, Engineers, Administration staff, Security personnel and individuals hired for general unloading, cleaning and casual work.

In November 2012, SeaQuest purchased Celtrock Holdings Limited, a local fish processing plant-also a leading exporter and supplier of fish. 

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Singhs Herbal Hair Oil

Hello, my name is Sunishma Singh and I am 25 years old.

My mum is a widow and stays home full time.

I have one elder brother who is 28 years old and one small sister who is just 6 years old. 

I have over 9,000 followers on Instagram and 85,000 on Tiktok.

The reason I am telling you this is because I have been always asked questions on my social media accounts such as what do you apply on your hair? How is your hair so shiny? How is your hair so long? 

So one Monday I came home from work and my mum was making this “magic oil” as people who have used it call now.

I snapped a story on my Instagram captioning it – ‘The secret to my long, shiny and healthy hair’.

Little that I know, people would start messaging and asking us to sell the oil. I refused so many messages at first but later at night couldn’t help it.

I asked my mother if she would like to sell batch 1 only and pay the bills with the profit, she agreed. We sold the first batch as cash on delivery where we had 32 customers only.

In the next few days we started to get so many positive feedbacks from customers after one wash only and I put all of them on my social media story appreciating each and every one.

We then started to get so many messages asking when we will be taking orders for Batch 2.

We then registered our business, invested our profit from Batch 1 into company manufactured bottles, professional labels and instructions card.

In less than a month, we made our place on the shelves of the two well-known supermarkets in Fiji which is Extra Supermarket and Kundan Singh Supermarket and currently we are slowly branching out to other shops and supermarkets around.  

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South Pacific Coffee Company

Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest roasted coffee in Fiji & coffee inspired products locally. 

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Standard Concrete Industries

Standard Concrete Industries is Fiji’s largest supplier of quarry, ready mix concrete, concrete blocks & pavers.

It is the longest running company in concrete and aggregate supply business.

The company was established in 1968 by CSR, Australia, then taken over by Pioneer Concrete Services of Australia in 1974 until 1989 when it was bought out by Basic Industries Limited, a company jointly owned by Fijian Holdings Limited and Holicim, NZ Ltd.

Basic Industries Limited also owns and operates Humes Industries, a major supplier of precast concrete products and the only local producer of spun concrete pipes.

Over the past 44 years of operation, Standard Concrete products have been used on most of Fiji’s land mark projects that are in existence today.

These projects include Denarau, Regent, Fijian RestortHoilday Inn, Outrigger Hotel, Nadi, Taveuni, Nausori and Tuvalu Airports, FSC sugar mills, EFL projects, Mine projects, Kings & Queens wharfs, FSC Sports facilities, number of Government Roading projects and Multi Storey buildings.

In addition to being a well-established supplier within the local construction industry, the company has from time to time supplied its products to various neighboring South Pacific Island Countries. 

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Star Printery Pte Ltd

Star Printery has extensive commercial, publication, packaging and specialty printing divisions.

They have the capacity to manufacture nearly any printed product whether it involves ink on paper or other types of substrate. 

Products: Binding and Finishing, Delivery/Logistics Services, Label Printing, Sheet-fed Offset Printing, Commercial Packaging, Digital Printing, Exercise Books, Envelopes, Graphic Design, Wide-Format Printing, Eco-friendly products 

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Sugarose is a Fijian label that tailors timeless bespoke pieces merging Fijian culture with Western influences.
Atelaite Daunibau is the designer behind the brand and her designs have been sought after by modern Fijian brides. Atelaite was also FJFW 2010 Emerging Designer of the year.
Her latest collection ‘Na I Dabedabe’ debuted at FJFW23 drawing influence from the Fijian voivoi, magimagi and masi with her stamp of street and evening wear.
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Swits-n-Snax are now the largest manufacturers of Bhuja range of snacks in Fiji today & they aspire to deliver on their promise of quality Indian snacks to the families of Fiji & abroad.

Products: Papari, Fine Seo, Mixed Bhuja, Peas, Peanut, Chevda and Dhal 

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Taki Mai

Fiji is known as the calmest place on earth for more than the beaches. It’s also the kava, the local “muddy water” beverage we use to calm, soothe and get rid of the daily stuff –– deadlines, meetings, bills, parking tickets, you name it –– that can stress us out.

What’s Taki Mai? you might ask. Excellent question. It offers help, so you can handle your everyday stresses. In Fiji, Taki Mai are experts in dealing with these everyday stresses, and have been for centuries.

Taki Mai is absolutely loaded with kava. The new 3-oz. shot comes in four irresistible, tropical flavors. Pop the cap and down one ASAP. You will start feeling the well-being, tranquility and serenity only kava can make you feel.

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Tau Sports Fiji

Tau Sports is a registered Garment manufacturing business based in Fiji Islands that specializes in designing, sublimation printing, manufacturing and distribution of Sports Apparel, cooperate wear and school uniforms. We supply high-quality custom-made garments both locally and internationally.

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