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LavaLani Designs

With her label LavaLani Designs, Susana Samuels began her fashion journey designing Masi wedding dresses and gowns for friends, family and pageants. Over the years she has explored other aspects of the fashion industry and is now a fully-fledged pattern maker and designer.

She now specializes in Masi couture gowns using natural bark cloth/ Masi with traditional prints from all over Fiji. She is also working on putting these prints on Fabric, where her end goal is to make Fiji itaukei traditional prints instantly recognizable internationally as Fijian.

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Loaloa Naturals

Loaloa Naturals is a 100% locally owned Fijian company. Our primary focus is natural, vegan, fragrance-free and cruelty-free skin and hair care products that bring out your skin’s natural beauty.

The name Loaloa (“low-a low-a”) means black and originated when the signature “activated coconut charcoal soap” was created.

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Sourced from organic plantations from the pristine, crystal clear unique Northern Islands in Fiji, our organic coconuts are delicately handpicked and harvested.

Mature coconuts with the softest flesh are selected and cracked open by hand using pure rain water and sun-dried for weeks before processing.

We use a unique filtration process using steam and no additives or chemicals are used in the process. 

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Maleka Gardens

Maleka Gardens is Fiji’s first dried fruit production company with no sugar/additive.

Maleka is a Fijian word used when the five senses are satisfied.

The business is involved in the production, sale and export of dried fruits.

Using only domestic fruits from Fiji, the business makes additive-free dried fruits that children can eat with peace of mind, and future plans to sell fruit tea and fruit leather. 

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Malia Clothing Fiji

The Malia brand was created to help give people the opportunity to buy, wear and enjoy modern tropical island attire.

The idea for Malia came to mind when on holiday in Hawaii, where boutiques had challenged the norm and came up with fresh ways to wear iconic tropical outfits.

The name “Malia” is Polynesian, meaning ‘calm or gentle waters’.

The logo is flirty, fresh, and has an innate island vibe.

The colour pink was chosen as it links to their founder’s mother’s battle with cancer.

It was used as a reminder of the battle and hope for the future.

Their pieces are “Made in Paradise by Friendly Fijians” and then transported to homes of the style-conscious who are looking for a fun wearable piece of island attire.

Their fabric is of the highest quality and they can cater to all sizes from size 8 through to size 20 in most styles. 

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Manubhai Industries Pte Ltd

Manubhai Industries Pte Ltd, an ISO 9001 company is the leading manufacturers of Polyurethane foam, Polyethylene ropes, Expanded Polystyrene, Plastic wares and vacuum forming with other related products for domestic and export markets.

The company was established in 1979 and diversified in all other divisions by providing the best Fijian made quality products for Fiji and the Pacific with competitive prices.

All their products are manufactured to international standards and can be made to the requirements, specifications and expectations of their clients. 

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Mark One Apparel

Products/Services: Manufacturing of Shirts, Blouses, Sports Wear, Work Wear, School Wear, Dresses, Shorts, Jackets. 

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Nama Fiji

Nama Fiji is a professional-grade skin care range made from the highest quality, sustainably harvested ingredients.

It is developed by Essence Group Fiji, who focuses on improving the livelihood of rural women & communities. 

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Naturally Fiji

Naturally Fiji brings you “all the essence of Fiji” sourced from the finest pure coconut oil, orchid extracts and natural ingredients.

These products are handcrafted from Natural Ingredients sourced locally and around the world.

These handpicked, raw ingredients are brought to a modern production facility and its combination ensures an environmentally and socially sustainable product that delivers exceptional qualities to every customer. 

Products: Coconut oil, orchid extract, dilo oil, neem, noni and turmeric extracts, lavender and rosemary oils, raw sugar and honey. 

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Outfitters Fiji

Outfitters Fiji are manufacturers of work wear, fireproof clothing, antistatic clothing , oilskin coats, swags, tents and awnings, fridge bars, and stubbie holders. 

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Pacific Batteries (Pte) Ltd

Background: Pacific Batteries was established in 1965 and is a 100% Fijian, locally-owned company.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certified and has set up a battery recycling plant in 2009. 99% of Pacific Batteries’ employees are locals. 

Products: Lead Acid Batteries for Automotive Application (Sealed Maintenances Free Battery, Low Maintenances Battery), Solar Application VRLA (Value Regulated Lead Acid Battery), Golf Cart Battery, Traction Battery, Marine Application and special applications.  

Current Markets: Local market, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Island, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Kiribati, Australia and New Zealand 

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Pacific Green Furniture

Palmwood Furniture Ranging from Residential Use, Offices Use, Hotels, Resorts, Embassy, Conference / Meetings, Lounges, Chaise, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Rocket Table, Lamps, Tv Unit, Wall Units, Buffets, Hall Table, Dining Settings, Occasional Chairs, Executive Desk, Office Chairs, Conference/Boardroom Tables, Bistro High Table with Bar Stools, Bedroom Settings, Planter Box, Picture Frames, Mirror Frames & Other Accessories.

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Pacific Islands Art Pte Limited

Background The Pacific Islands Art Limited range is known for its bright, bold and beautiful colours, including the gorgeous hand printed sulu’s, men’s shirts and women’s dresses.

The company is constantly adding new products and designs, with its latest swimwear collection currently turning heads on catwalks and fashion shows.

Always striving to improve, Pacific Islands Art is constantly looking for innovative ways to increase product variety, boost creative processes, and improve customer satisfaction.

With so many on-going projects aiming to expand market, the company hopes to bring more beautiful clothes and designs to more countries around the world.

The company’s style is inspired by nature; leaves and flowers, waves and the ocean, animals and fish all influence and motivate their work, along with Tahitian pieces like vahines and traditional Tahitian prints or designs. 

Products: Ladies’ Wear, Men’s Wear, Kid’s Wear, Sulu’s and Accessories. 

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Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Ltd

The largest operational Aquaculture facility in Fiji specialising in finfish and crustacean production including a new range of products for the consumer.

Currently, it produces in excess of 200,000kg of finfish and 50,000kg of freshwater prawns annually with expansion plans underway.

POC paves the way in Aquaculture from “Pond to Plate” and have demonstrated success in all facets of the supply chain, overseeing the entire process from hatchery, grow out, harvest, processing and sales.

POC’s production capability results in a quality export grade product.

The business features in-house hatchery with production managed by internationally recognised Aquaculturalist ensuring a constant supply to market.

Products are then farmed utilising a pristine water source in a natural hinterland area, free of pollutants.

This controlled over water quality and grow out conditions results in a premium product to the Health Department Certified processing facility ensuring food safety standards for the final premium product.

In a world of depleting fish stocks and nutritional food security issues, Pacific Ocean Culture Pte Ltd produces a premium farmed product to promote “Fiji Made” products domestically with an optimal export pathway for its premium seafood products: Giant Freshwater Prawns –Jumbo (Green / head on), Whole Tilapia (Cleaned, gutted and scaled), Chilli Prawn Balls, Traditional Fish Cakes.

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Paper Source

A manufacturer and distributor for a wide range of paper products predominantly for hospitality, commercial, industrial and household hygiene use.

They manufacture 8 lines of paper products made in Fiji, such as toilet tissue paper (ranging in 3 different packaging types), jumbo toilet tissue paper, paper hand towels, centrefeed paper towels, kitchen towels, commercial roll towels and facial tissues.

Paper Source Fiji Pte Limited currently supply to many hotels and resorts across the Fiji Islands, as well as commercial and industrial businesses, Government entities (including hospitals), universities and supermarkets throughout Fiji. 

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Paradise Beverages

The leading manufacturer of beer, distilled spirits and alcoholic ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages in Fiji.

Their distillery in Fiji’s second city, Lautoka, is home to the much-loved Bounty Rum, as well as the globally-awarded Rum Co of Fiji range.

The company operates in a diverse mix of markets across the Pacific and Oceania, bringing to life their exceptional brands to life for all communities and all occasions.

They are local at heart, but with international reach.

Together, they make Fiji and Samoa’s favourite beverages a reality.

Their premium brands are enjoyed by over a million consumers globally. 

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