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Fiji Agromarketing

Fiji Agromarketing is a not-for-profit organisation, with vision for a sustainable rural economy to improve the livelihoods of farming communities in Fiji through employment and income generation.

Products include: Cassava, Fruits & Vegetables, Reef fish, Taro. 

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Fiji Coconut Millers

One of the two larger local manufacturers of Crude Coconut Oil from Copra, Virgin Coconut Oil from Whole Coconut and Coconut Cooking Oil from white Copra (Hot Air Dried).

80% of the sales is exported overseas and 20% is sold locally.

The by -product of Copra is Coconut meal which is also sold locally.

FCML has also launched its bottling operations selling 500ml & 750ml bottled coconut oil in the local supermarkets.

Products: Crude Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Cooking Oil, Coconut Cream, Soap (Kura, Turmeric, Charcoal and Neem) 

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Fiji Hardwood Corporation

Mahogany was first planted in Fiji as part of species trials in the early 1950’s with establishment of plantations starting in earnest in the 1960’s.

Fiji Hardwood Corporation (Pte) Limited operates under the direction of the Mahogany Industry Council as a State-Owned Enterprise subscribed under the Ministry of Public Enterprises for the promotion and marketing of the Fiji Mahogany Brand to the overseas markets. 

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Fiji Kava

Fiji Kava – Try Fiji Kava’s capsules and powders today – from 100% natural Fijian Noble kava plants.

Traditionally used in Pacific Islander and Western herbal medicine to promote sleep, support muscle relaxation and to calm and soothe the nerves. 

Fijians were recently voted the happiest, most relaxed nation on earth.

So lucky for you, we put Fiji in a bottle.

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Fiji Spice Queen

Fall in love with the Fiji Spice Queen’s Fijian made hydrating Body & Hair Oils, Body Lotions, fair trade raw Sugar Scrubs and coconut based Soaps.

Using organic Coconut oil, regenerating wild-crafted Dilo oil, Noni juice, Moringa, Avocado and Macadamia nut oils, these carefully selected natural ingredients are pure, healthy and uplifting.

Certified cruelty free, vegan and eco wise, the Fiji Spice Queen draws her inspiration from the bounty of Fiji and her natural healing wonders. 

100% Organic canophyllum inophyllum (dilo or tamanu) Organic nut oil rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to rejuvenate skin and combat ageing.

Traditionally used in Fiji for massage and muscular pain relief. 

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Fiji Sugar

Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited (FSC) is Fiji’s sugar milling company and the largest in the South Pacific and manufactures and sells raw sugar and molasses. 

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Fijiana Cacao

Fijiana Cacao – a premium artisan chocolate brand from the pristine lands of Fiji.

They make pure, high quality, single origin chocolate the old-fashioned way, largely crafted by hand and using just two ingredients – sun dried cacao from the remote rainforest plantations, and raw cane sugar. 

Fijiana Cacao starts from the grassroots farmers who grow the beans for the chocolate.

These local farmers are educated by Fijiana Cacao in the best practises, including a post fermentation method for producing the highest quality cacao beans.

These efforts improve the livelihood of Fijian farming communities and the Fijian cacao industry.

They have a selection of 12 different treats which include exclusive Fijian flavours and ingredients. 

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FMF Foods Ltd

FMF Foods Ltd is one of Fiji’s largest food conglomerate producing a number of flour and food products and a number of distinct companies in its fold. 

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Food Processors

Food Processors – Food manufacturing is its main line of business, specialising in high agri-based food commodities for niche markets.

This includes value adding local fruits, vegetables, root crops and marine products for local & export markets.

The company processes and vacuum packs green leafy vegetables and fruits to sustain freshness and colour.

It’s available in its natural state, with no added chemical or ingredients. 

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Frezco Beverages

Parent Company to the very successful and well-known brands of Aqua Pacific®, Pops® Sodas, and Fijian Noni®.

The company was formed in 1999, and now sells its products all over the world. 

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Hard wearing sandals designed for use in tropical environments to cope with dirt roads and wet weather. 

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Glass & Mirror (Fiji) Pte Ltd

Glass & Mirror (Fiji) PTE Ltd has been in existence for over 40 years.

They are Fiji’s first and the largest Glass & Mirror, Windows, Aluminum Joinery and Fire Rated Doors company.

Glass & Mirror (Fiji) PTE Ltd is one of the first companies with a polishing and beveling machine in Fiji.

They do site measuring, cutting & installation on timber & aluminum frames.

They also repair rear vision and windscreens for buses, boat, and trucks. 

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Golden Ocean Fish Ltd

Golden Ocean Fish Ltd is a subsidiary of Golden Ocean Group of Companies which was stablished in the Fiji Islands in the year 2000.

The company is perfectly situated in the hub of the South Pacific with direct air and sea links to a number of metropolitan countries around the Pacific Rim.

Its vision is to become a renown and ethical international processor and exporter of superior quality, value added and sustainable fish products to the world market and the business is strategically placed to bring its vision to life.

It is in this ideal environment that Golden Ocean Fish Group of Companies harvests premium seafood delicacies for export to many renown customers around the world.

The Golden Ocean Group of Companies is one of the leading companies in Fiji Tuna Fishing Industry in Fiji.

The company is involved in tuna fishing operation, fish processing, fish export, fishing vessels management and services.

Golden Ocean Fish Ltd’s main business is Tuna Long-line fishing, processing and exporting of Yellow fin and Big Eye Tuna and other deep-sea fishes such as Albacore Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish, Mahimahi, Wahoo, Opah, Escolar, Sailfish and Spearfish.

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Gosal Distributors Pte Limited T/A South Pacific Waste Recyclers

Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companies promotes a pollution free environment.

This was highlighted in the Year 2009, when the Group invested in a $5 million project to recycle paper in Fiji.

South Pacific Waste Recyclers is Fiji’s first paper recycling plant set up to reduce pollution in our environment.

The main aim of this company is to encourage recycling for a cleaner, greener Fiji.

On a 24-hour cycle, the company processes some 10 tonnes of unused paper and converts it into 7 tonnes of good paper which is then used to manufacture Toilet Tissues.

The company is situated in a location where it is easy for people to drop their waste paper should they wish to give it for recycling. It currently operates 24 hours at 5 days a week 

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Happy Valley Exports

Happy Valley Exports is a family owned business which was established in 2013. We are born farmers and based in the Salad Bowl of Fiji, Bilalevu, Valley Road, Sigatoka with more than 40

years of farming experience.

We specialize in exports of fresh and frozen vegetables, Kava and spices to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA. Our current capacity for delivery is 1 – 2 tonnes per shipment with

capacity to increase.


Majority of vegetables are grown on our 20 acres of farm here in the Valley Road. Processing is done to the highest standards in our own packing shed. All vegetables quality is monitored by storing in temperature controlled coolers – fresh vegetables and freezers for frozen vegetables.

The packing and processing process is monitored under the international Commodity trade standards by The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji. Packaging for all frozen items are currently done in clear 6 * 10 bags with sticker labelling. However, customized product packaging can be arranged to suite buyer requirements.

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Herbal Fiji

Health Products handmade with the perfect blend of spices and herbal extracts for maximum benefit.

A complete herbal supplement with no chemicals, artificial flavours or drugs . 

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