Citizenship Information

Fiji citizenship can be acquired by:

  • Birth
  • Registration
  • Naturalisation

Citizenship by registration covers six categories of individuals. Citizenship forms can be found in the here in the Application Forms section of this website.

The first category covers children born outside Fiji islands on or after 10th April 2009 if at the date of the child’s birth either of the Child’s parents was a citizen – section 8(1) of the Citizenship of Fiji Decree 2009.

The local term is Registration of Minor. The Fiji Consulate General’s office in Sydney handles all applications within Australia for this category and all Dual Citizenship applications.

The Fiji Department of Immigration website will detail all other categories.

The process is in 2 parts, the first being the registration of the minor as a Fiji citizen then the issuance of the minor’s passport This can be submitted simultaneously.



  • Completed citizenship application form
  • Certificate A (attached to citizenship application form)
  • Completed passport application form with JP signature and stamp as witness
  • 3 Passport photos – 2 certified by same JP witnessing passport application form stating “I certify that this photograph is a true likeness of “applicant name”
  • Proof of parents’ citizenship – e.g., Fiji passport
  • Original copies or certified copies of parents’ documentation confirming child’s parentage. The checklist will also list all necessary documentation required to be submitted with applications.



A fee of $355.00 includes the processing and registration of the minor and the issuance of a new Fiji passport. Once minor has been registered, the next step is the lodgement of the Fiji Passport and the applicable fee of $236.00

The fee is to be in the form of a bank cheque or money order payable to the “Fiji Consulate General”. Please note all fees are non-refundable and are *subject to change.


Processing Time

The minimum processing turnaround time is 3 months.

Delays in processing may occur when the applications submitted are incomplete or require further clarification, additional documentation of verification of documents. Please note we will not be held responsible for any delays by the Department of Immigration in Fiji or any issues with postal and courier services.


Important Reminder:
It’s imperative that 2 copies of all documentation including the application form are submitted together with a copy of your checklist.

Failure to comply with all requirements may result in the refusal or return of your application.