The Fiji Immigration Department (“Department”) wishes to advise members of the public that the Department has been moving to the Lala Ramdin Building, 40 Robertson Road, Suva from Friday 2nd of February, 2024.
Due to the re-location of the Suva office, passport services will be temporarily suspended from the 4th to the 22nd of March to allow moving and installation of the passport system at the new building.
For any enquiries, please contact the Passport Section on 9906792 or email: [email protected]
All correspondences are to be addressed to the
Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs and Immigration​
26 Gladstone Road,
2nd Floor,
New Wing,
Government Buildings,
Post Office Box 2349, Government Buildings, Suva, FIJI.
Telephone: 3211754/3211706.

Streamline your business with ease – Business in Fiji Simplified.

As part of our efforts to improve Fiji’s Ease of Doing Business a new and improved “doing business” Portal, a successor to the earlier “bizFIJI” — was launched today.
The new portal businessNOW FIJI is customer-focused, geared especially to those that are intending to venture into business.
Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, an MSME or a seasoned business professional, businessNOW will be your go-to resource for efficient and hassle-free service, a game changer in terms of knowing about “Starting A Business” or “Obtaining Construction Permits” will now be at your fingertips.
The businessNOW Platform is an important step in achieving this vision and epitomises the reform focus of the Fiji Government.
View the platform here:


The Ministry of Trade, Co-operatives and Small and Medium Enterprises together with the Fiji Ministry of Public Works, Meteorological Services, and Transport, the Fiji Bus Operators Association, Land Transport Authority of Fiji and other relevant stakeholders are working on the implementation of a new bus electronic ticketing system.

This system intends to replace the current electronic ticketing system (‘e-Ticketing System’). To this extent, a Tender with an accompanying Terms of Reference has been advertised on 11 November 2023 and will close at 3.00pm on 1 December 2023.

The current e-Ticketing System was launched in October 2017 and has over 1.9 million registered cards and 2.5 million disposable cards issued since its launch. The system has been credited with improving the efficiency and transparency of the bus industry and has made it easier for passengers to pay their fares. The e-Ticketing System is currently used by all 57 bus companies in Fiji – supporting both long-haul and short-haul bus services and is managed by Vodafone Fiji Limited.

With the current e-Ticketing system approaching the end of its operational life, the Technical Working Group comprising of representatives from the two Ministries and stakeholders have meticulously assessed the challenges of the current e-Ticketing System and have actively sought ways to overcome these challenges and enhance the system, aiming to improve public services. This joint effort reflects a proactive commitment to ensure the continued effectiveness of the electronic ticketing infrastructure, aligning it with evolving technological standards and the evolving needs of public services.

All pertinent details have been carefully gathered, documented, and incorporated into the advertised Tender document which was officially published. The Tender is to invite qualified and experienced firms, agencies, system integrators, and solution providers to express their interest in participating in the procurement and implementation of a cutting-edge Electronic Ticketing System.

“This new system will not only modernise the existing public transportation fare collection processes but will also pave the way for its expansion to other modes of public service transportation alongside the maritime sector, and I welcome this unreservedly”, said Hon. Manoa Kamikamica.

Interested suppliers are invited to register here and submit their expression of interest before 3.00pm, 1 December 2023.


The Government of Fiji has issued a Request for Tender (RFT) for the country’s first affordable housing public­-private partnership (PPP) project. The issuing of the RFT signals the start of a competitive and transparent tender process to identify qualified investors, developers, and consortiums to develop and finance the construction of more than 3,000 affordable housing units (AHUs) across five sites with land provided by the Government of Fiji.
The RFT, including the detailed terms and conditions for qualification of Bidders, bid submission and selection of a Bidder that can be downloaded from:
Please also refer to notice attached for further information


18 October, Canberra- The Prime Ministers welcomed the signing of a renewed and elevated Vuvale Partnership representing the principles and priorities of both countries and reflecting the growing maturity of the bilateral relationship.
‘Vuvale’ is the word in the Fijian language for ‘family’ and it recognises our respect for each other.
The updated Vuvale Partnership elevates our shared commitment to tackling climate change and strengthening our economic and trade partnership.
It also has an increased focus on human development, First Nations’ peoples and culture, skills development and cyber security.
The Prime Ministers discussed the real and existential threat of climate change and Australia’s commitment to transforming our economy and working side-by-side with Pacific counterparts to achieve an accelerated and stable energy transition.
The two leaders agreed to work closely together, and with other Pacific leaders, to strengthen cooperation on climate adaptation and resilience.
The Prime Ministers discussed Fiji’s economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, boosted by the high number of Australian tourists returning to Fiji.
Prime Minister Rabuka welcomed Australia’s commitment of additional budget support this financial year to bolster economic recovery and reform.
The Prime Ministers recognised efficient visa arrangements underpin people-to-people links between Australia and Fiji.
In support of Fiji’s recent steps to launch a new, more secure, ePassport, Prime Ministers agreed Fiji would be provided with early access to new mobile technologies to support a more streamlined application service, currently being developed.
Applying for a visa will be faster and more flexible for Fijian visitors to Australia.
The Prime Ministers acknowledged the mutual benefits associated with labour mobility, and agreed to work together to overcome economic and social complexities arising from the program.
The Prime Ministers agreed to work together to ensure the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme reflects our shared priorities and to strengthen skills development partnerships to meet Fiji and Australia’s domestic workforce needs.
The Prime Ministers agreed on the importance of regional unity, guided by the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent steered by the Pacific Islands Forum leaders.
They looked forward to working closely together at this year’s Forum Leaders meeting in November, in the Cook Islands.
The Prime Ministers discussed the mutual challenges we face at a time of rising tension globally, and agreed on the importance of working in partnership in our region.
The leaders discussed Prime Minister Rabuka’s Zone of Peace approach for the region and its long-term benefits.
Prime Minister Albanese acknowledged the valuable contribution Fiji has made to peace and security in the region, and Fiji’s long and distinguished contribution to peacekeeping operations around the world.
Prime Minister Albanese was pleased to confirm Australia will meet Fiji’s request for the purchase of 14 additional Protected Mobility Vehicles (Bushmasters) to support Fiji’s international peacekeeping operations.
Acknowledging increasing cyber security challenges in the region, both Prime Ministers were pleased to commit to the new Fiji-Australia Memorandum of Understanding on Cyber Security Cooperation, agreeing to work together to address emerging threats.
Australia and Fiji’s shared love of sport was highlighted through the commitment to renew Australia’s support for the Fijiana Drua (Fijian women’s rugby team) and Fijian Drua (Fijian men’s rugby team) to continue to compete in the Super W and Super Rugby Pacific competitions.
Australia and Fiji acknowledged the importance of our rich shared sporting history and its positive impact on our communities, including through the participation of women and girls, and people with disabilities.
The Prime Ministers acknowledged the importance of the Pacific region’s aviation sector to support connectivity and economic growth.
With Australia’s support, the Fiji National University will offer ten new aviation engineering scholarships for women and men from five Pacific Island countries.
These scholarships will help build critical capacity in the aviation sector across the Pacific, which is facing workforce capability limitations.
The Prime Ministers looked forward to working together closely as leaders, as ‘vuvale’, to further strengthen the partnership between Fiji and Australia for their citizens, the next generation and for the region.


The Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission, Australia & New Zealand was honoured to host a welcome reception and business networking event for the Prime Minister of Fiji, the Honourable Sitiveni Rabuka, and delegation in Sydney last night as part his official visit to Australia this week.

The Honourable Prime Minister met and spoke with business leaders and representatives of the private sector to promote trade & investment opportunities in Fiji as well as enhance the economic relationship between Fiji and Australia.
He also acknowledged the immense contribution that the Fijian community has made in Australia and continued to encourage the diaspora to bring their new found ideas, knowledge and expertise back home to Fiji.
“As Fijians living in Australia, you should take pride in your heritage and homeland and the immense strides Fiji has made and continues to make as we embark on a new era of prosperity and cooperation.
“I want you all to know that no matter where you go or what you do, Fiji will always be your home.”
Prime Minister Rabuka emphasised that the People’s Coalition Government is committed to removing barriers for former Fijian citizens, particularly regarding investments and the ease of business.
The Prime Minister also highlighted the new era of cooperation in further strengthening our people-to-people links and enduring bilateral partnership which provides a strong foundation for enhancing economic cooperation, defence and security and developing trade and investment ties.
“We enjoy and respect your contribution to the development of Fiji and I hope you will all be positive contributors to this great land,” he told those in attendance.
The event was also attended by some investors who have greatly invested into the Fiji market.

The Fiji Government is currently accepting Expressions of Interest for investment opportunity in shipbuilding

The Government of Fiji is exploring investment options to revive its shipbuilding industry. There is Land  available for this opportunity, with basic infrastructure and facilities for shipbuilding. The Government will also get its own shipbuilding requirements met through this project for at least five (5) years.

The business model would be based on a joint venture involving Fiji Ships and Heavy Industry Limited, which is a subsidiary of Fiji Ports Corporation Pte Limited. The foreign/local investor(s) are expected to bring in their own capital, technology, and design capabilities.

Expressions of interest are invited from interested parties for this joint venture investment opportunity. Your proposals need to inter-alia include:

  • amount of investment for the project;
  • description of technology and design capabilities; and
  • background of previous investment involvement in this area

The deadline for receipt of Expressions of Interest is COB on Friday, 22nd September 2023.

Expressions of interest are to be emailed to [email protected] . Further information can be obtained by contacting Ms. Dorris Kumar via e-mail [email protected]  or by phone at 3315577/890 2565.

Employment Opportunities-Consular Assistant (Sydney) and Business Development Manager (Auckland)

WE’RE HIRING! We have a number of roles available at our Sydney and Auckland offices. For the full job description, eligibility criteria and information on how to apply, please follow the links below:

– Consular Assistant (Sydney):

– Business Development Manager (Auckland):
– Trade & Marketing Officer (Auckland):

Telstra, Government Talk Experience

Telstra, a global telecommunications company, may consider the construction of a call centre in Fiji, according to recent talks between Telstra executives and the Fijian Government.

The meeting, held last week, involved Telstra Enterprise group executive, David Burns.

Telstra is a prominent Australian telecommunications and technology company, with a workforce of more than 20,000 employees.

Minister for Communications, Manoa Kamikamica, expressed enthusiasm about the potential investment by Telstra in Fiji, stating that it would have a significant impact on the country, which could lead to job creation, skill development and economic growth.

“They want to grow their business here,” Mr Kamikamica said.

“They want to invest more.

“It was a general discussion on communication and how they can grow their business here.

“We just have to see how we can work together.”

Telstra’s presence in Fiji has already been established through its acquisition of Digicel Pacific, in partnership with the Australian Government in 2022.

Digicel Pacific, operating in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu, now operates under Telstra’s ownership.

“We have to treat them with respect and develop a relationship,” Mr Kamikamica said.

SunBiz reached out to Digicel for information on Telstra’s rollout plans here and was told about the implementation of the 5G network as its current strategy.

“I will need to find out what was said there,” Digicel Regional Marketing, PR and Sponsorship manager, Satish Narain, said.

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