Vaiwai Water 1



VaiWai is a natural artesian water and has the distinct advantage by being the only bottled water in Fiji from the lowland tropical rainforest on untouched certified organic land. Sourced from deep below the surface helps the water avoid being contaminated by any human and animal related activity.

Extra care is taken by ensuring that no contaminating activity takes place near the water catchment. Even the bottles and cap are biodegradable in certain conditions to ensure they don’t contaminate the environment if they are not recycled.

Vaiwai assumes a large amount of social responsibility by providing over 150 communities in need around Fiji with clean drinking water. Unlike many other companies Vai Wai voluntarily minimises automation of their production line to ensure a higher rate of employment as they currently employ over 120 staff.

Vai Wai has experienced global recognition through significant growth in both the Asian and US market and was picked as the water of choice at the 2016 China Fashion Week. The water’s high quality has been recognised in 2015 and 2017 as a superior tasting water by the Institute of Tase & Quality in Brussels, achieving 3 Gold stars twice.

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