Fiji Spice Queen



Centuries ago my ancestors journeyed the oceans seeking their wildest dreams. Navigating reckless worlds, my greatest grandmother held fast to one sacred urn. Upon discovering the tropical islands of Fiji, the rituals of the Fiji Spice Queen evolved. A rejuvenating fusion between Fiji’s nature and the ancient plants and spices so cherished within my greatest grandmother’s urn.”

Fiji Spice Queen are a beauty company based in Wellington who in awe of Fiji’s culture, landscape, history, and people, offer products specially made to enhance wellbeing, made from honest ingredients, using as much as they can of the natural abundance of Fiji.

Fiji Spice Queen take their core values of ethical business very seriously by ensuring their ingredients were produced fairly and that no animals were mistreated in their production. Fiji Spice Queen are proud to be the first Fijian skincare company certified Cruelty Free by Choose Cruelty Free Australia. Along with this, every single one of Fiji Spice Queen’s products are 100% vegan. By supporting eco-friendly and fair trade initiatives, Fiji Spice Queen employ local Fijians while providing environmental education for the local community.

Among their products they have body lotion, body and hair oil, baby oil, soap bars and sugar scrub.

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