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Bula Coffee strive to build the Fijian coffee industry from the ground up. Working with 38 villages from the remote highlands of Fiji, they have trained over 1200 people to be coffee pickers and organically process the coffee cherry to a ready to roast bean in order to extract the best flavour. Once the coffee is processed it travels to Sigatoka by horseback to be packaged and sold around the world.

Bula Coffee follows sustainable business practises both environmentally and economically through a partnership model which enables Fijian communities to reap the rewards of their labour and natural resources. It is the only coffee company which displays not only Fijian Made but also Fijian Grown emblem.

They have developed a wide variety of products such as plunger, beans, biodegradable capsules, chocolate coffee beans and charcoal soap to name a few.

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