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Aqua Pacific water starts its life as precipitation in the mountains and hillsides of the Nadi highlands. Over centuries it filters into the ground until it accumulates in a natural aquifer which are almost completely devoid of bacteria making this water much purer than the water of reservoirs at the earth’s surface. Aqua Pacific tap into these aquifers to bottle their high quality artisan mineral water and share it with the world.

Acqua Pacific make sure to operate with sustainable practises by lowering their carbon footprint through increased use of renewable energy and offsetting their emissions. Further Aqua Pacific plan to introduce greener bottles packaging to reduce the amount of plastic usage while also lobbying for increased recycling programs in Fiji.

Aqua Pacific is not only the preferred bottled water for many top Fijian hotels and tourism operators but is also a multiple time receiver of 3 Star Superior Tase Award by the Institute of Tase & Quality in Brussels.

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