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Fiji is home to some of the leading fresh food and produce, with brand names familiar globally. Our products are extracted from some of the purest sources, giving it an authentic Fijian experience.

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Ashwin Export and Import Pte Ltd

Their story began in the year 2018, back when they were exporting Fresh turmeric.

In the year 2019 Ashwin Export and Import received USDA certification and started exporting Fresh organic turmeric.

The company started its operations from Votualevu and is now located in Namaka Industrial.

They are in the process of getting the SQF certificate.

Ashwin Export and Import began with 5 employees and today they have 23 employees, and they also export ginger as well.

Soon the company will start exporting drumsticks/ moringa leaves. 

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Bula Batiki

Bula Batiki – a community-owned business that produces organic virgin coconut oil on the remote island of Batiki, Fiji.

It is the first indigenous community-owned Fijian business to have achieved USDA NOP and Organic EU certification, ISO 22000 and HACCP Australia certification.

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Cacao Fiji Ltd

Cacao Fiji Ltd – Cacao (Fiji) Ltd is the leading exporter of Fine Fiji cocoa beans for craft chocolate makers throughout the world.

The company works with a network of farmer’s throughout Fiji and maintains a central fementary, drying and warehouse in the two major islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

Since its inception, craft chocolate made from CacaoFiji beans are now found in several countries, such USA, Canada, France, New Zealand and Australia.

Several of these chocolate makers have won awards from Cacaofiji beans.

In 2018, Cacaofiji 75% by Ocho Chocolate won a Gold Medal at the NZ Chocolate Awards.

Products include: Cocoa beans, Cacao Nibs and Fresh Turmeric. 

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Deepwater Ice

Deepwater Ice has been in the business for the past 15 years. It started as a small retailer in Kava which lager grew into import/exports and also manufacturer & wholesaler of cubed party ice to local supermarkets and other outlet distributors. They have now equipped themselves with proper skills and facilities to also engage into the overseas market with their range of Frozen Vegetable and Seafood products.

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Fiji Agromarketing

Fiji Agromarketing is a not-for-profit organisation, with vision for a sustainable rural economy to improve the livelihoods of farming communities in Fiji through employment and income generation.

Products include: Cassava, Fruits & Vegetables, Reef fish, Taro. 

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Fiji Coconut Millers

One of the two larger local manufacturers of Crude Coconut Oil from Copra, Virgin Coconut Oil from Whole Coconut and Coconut Cooking Oil from white Copra (Hot Air Dried).

80% of the sales is exported overseas and 20% is sold locally.

The by -product of Copra is Coconut meal which is also sold locally.

FCML has also launched its bottling operations selling 500ml & 750ml bottled coconut oil in the local supermarkets.

Products: Crude Coconut Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Cooking Oil, Coconut Cream, Soap (Kura, Turmeric, Charcoal and Neem) 

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Fiji Fire

Fiji Fire is a batch-crafted island blend of handpicked native bongo chillies, wild-harvested turmeric, naturally-brewed vinegar, rock sea salt, and sweet carrots.

Fiji Fire makes a delicious addition to most dishes and can quickly become a staple on the diner table and at barbecues. Now it is terrific with grilled fish and chicken!

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Fiji Sugar

Fiji Sugar Corporation Limited (FSC) is Fiji’s sugar milling company and the largest in the South Pacific and manufactures and sells raw sugar and molasses. 

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Fijiana Cacao

Fijiana Cacao – a premium artisan chocolate brand from the pristine lands of Fiji.

They make pure, high quality, single origin chocolate the old-fashioned way, largely crafted by hand and using just two ingredients – sun dried cacao from the remote rainforest plantations, and raw cane sugar. 

Fijiana Cacao starts from the grassroots farmers who grow the beans for the chocolate.

These local farmers are educated by Fijiana Cacao in the best practises, including a post fermentation method for producing the highest quality cacao beans.

These efforts improve the livelihood of Fijian farming communities and the Fijian cacao industry.

They have a selection of 12 different treats which include exclusive Fijian flavours and ingredients. 

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FMF Foods Ltd

FMF Foods Ltd is one of Fiji’s largest food conglomerate producing a number of flour and food products and a number of distinct companies in its fold. 

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Food Processors

Food Processors – Food manufacturing is its main line of business, specialising in high agri-based food commodities for niche markets.

This includes value adding local fruits, vegetables, root crops and marine products for local & export markets.

The company processes and vacuum packs green leafy vegetables and fruits to sustain freshness and colour.

It’s available in its natural state, with no added chemical or ingredients. 

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Happy Valley Exports

Happy Valley Exports is a family owned business which was established in 2013. We are born farmers and based in the Salad Bowl of Fiji, Bilalevu, Valley Road, Sigatoka with more than 40

years of farming experience.

We specialize in exports of fresh and frozen vegetables, Kava and spices to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA. Our current capacity for delivery is 1 – 2 tonnes per shipment with

capacity to increase.


Majority of vegetables are grown on our 20 acres of farm here in the Valley Road. Processing is done to the highest standards in our own packing shed. All vegetables quality is monitored by storing in temperature controlled coolers – fresh vegetables and freezers for frozen vegetables.

The packing and processing process is monitored under the international Commodity trade standards by The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji. Packaging for all frozen items are currently done in clear 6 * 10 bags with sticker labelling. However, customized product packaging can be arranged to suite buyer requirements.

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Joes Farm Produce

Joe’s Farm Produce is a highly reputable company with a renowned household reputation widely known for its uncompromising levels of quality and service within the local and international food industry 

It was a logical step in the evolution of our business, since we are no longer merely a farm produce distributor. 

We supply most of the resorts around Fiji including Sheraton Fiji, the Shangri La Hotel; to name a couple, with our products. 

We also supply international seafaring vessels with the supplies they need for their long voyages. 

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Maleka Gardens

Maleka Gardens is Fiji’s first dried fruit production company with no sugar/additive.

Maleka is a Fijian word used when the five senses are satisfied.

The business is involved in the production, sale and export of dried fruits.

Using only domestic fruits from Fiji, the business makes additive-free dried fruits that children can eat with peace of mind, and future plans to sell fruit tea and fruit leather. 

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Punjas – From the humble beginnings, the family-run business has now grown to be one of the Pacific’s largest privately-owned companies employing over 1,100 people.

Products include flour, rice, biscuits/cookies, lentils & spices, wraps, milk & tea. 

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South Pacific Coffee Company

Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest roasted coffee in Fiji & coffee inspired products locally. 

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