Fiji is home to some of the leading beverage products, with brand names familiar globally. Our products are extracted from some of the purest sources, giving it an authentic Fijian experience.

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Bula Coffee

Partners with local villages to harvest and process their coffee from the remote highlands of Fiji.

Their partnership model enables the Fijian villagers to reap the reward of their hard work and natural resources. 

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Frezco Beverages

Parent Company to the very successful and well-known brands of Aqua Pacific®, Pops® Sodas, and Fijian Noni®.

The company was formed in 1999, and now sells its products all over the world. 

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Paradise Beverages

The leading manufacturer of beer, distilled spirits and alcoholic ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages in Fiji.

Their distillery in Fiji’s second city, Lautoka, is home to the much-loved Bounty Rum, as well as the globally-awarded Rum Co of Fiji range.

The company operates in a diverse mix of markets across the Pacific and Oceania, bringing to life their exceptional brands to life for all communities and all occasions.

They are local at heart, but with international reach.

Together, they make Fiji and Samoa’s favourite beverages a reality.

Their premium brands are enjoyed by over a million consumers globally. 

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Pleass Global Limited

A listed company on the SPSE and has supplied premium bottled water to customers in Fiji since 1996 and more recently across the Pacific, the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

Products include: VaiWai® Premium Natural Artesian Water, AquaSafe® Natural Artesian Water. 

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Three Hundred Islands

Fijian ginger is acclaimed as the best in the world due to the excellent growing conditions and fertile land. 

The benefits of ginger are well known globally and the growing trend amongst western countries is to incorporate it in their daily routine as an immune booster and better overall well-being.

This Ginger Elixir is so unique that it’s often hard to categorise, but put simply, it’s a versatile drink mixer, that can be used to create interesting non-alcoholic beverages from cool refreshing drinks to hot soothers….plus unlimited cocktails and even cooking – only limited by your imagination! 

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