Other Agencies

The Fijian Government

The official Government of the Republic of Fiji, led by the head of government, the Honourable PM Frank Bainimarama.

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National Food and Nutrition Centre

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Ministry Of Youth & Sports

The MYS is a chief agency for developing the potential of youth in Fiji through the management of active sport programmes.

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Department of Town and Country Planning

The DTCP’s tasks include executing building plan searches and giving planning advice to both the public and government.

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Department of Civil Aviation

Department of Civil Aviation aims to ensure a safe Aviation Industry for Fiji by maintaining an efficient and secure air transport...

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Tourism Fiji

Tourism Fiji, contains detailed information about popular holiday locations in Fiji, including featured accommodation and a range...

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Ministry of Health and Medical Services

The MHMS provides an extensive range of medical and healthcare services across Fiji to maintain a caring and sustainable health...

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Parliament of the Republic of Fiji

The Parliament of Fiji is the legislative branch of the State, its role is to create laws and represent the interests of the Fijian...

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Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts

The Ministry is responsible for ensuring an empowering education system by providing appropriate educational services to students...

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Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism & Transport

The MCTTT creates sustainable growth of commerce through innovation and sound policies that lead to improved livelihoods for all...

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Investment Fiji

Investment Fiji supports economic development in Fiji through the promotion of investment opportunities and incentives.

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Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji

The prime objective of MSAF is to ensure that highest safety standards are met, MSAF products and services are provided in an efficient...

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Reserve Bank of Fiji

The Reserve Bank of Fiji is the central bank of Fiji. The responsibilities include issue of currency, control of money supply, currency...

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Film Fiji

The core task of Film Fiji as directed by the Film Fiji Act of 2002 is to “Promote and Develop the Audio Visual Industry in the...

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