INFORMATION SERIES, October 2021, Issue 5



A Fijian born company is creating waves on the global platform for skin care and cosmetics range for its 100% natural ultra-light virgin coconut oil.

The company not only has made it to the top brand shelf but recently won the 2021 Eco Excellence Award for best skincare for kids and the NAPPA awards for Mom’s Choice Awards.

Loloma is a local company created by a mother’s plight to soothe her children of uncomfortable eczema.

Co-founder for Loloma Skincare, Purnima Singh said daunted by the amount of chemicals in various pharmaceutical creams, steroids and its irreversible side effects, they looked towards nature for answers.

“We are a proud Fijian business and very excited to be the 2021 Eco excellence award winners for the best skincare for kids. This has now placed us as an international brand elevating not only Loloma but also Fijian made products.”

Working with platforms such as Investment Fiji and Pacific trade and Invest, who through their trade-shows and introductions have given us exposure to new markets.

“We are truly grateful to have the support of Investment Fiji and their incredible team.”Ms. Singh said the award represents the best of the best for sustainable and socially responsible whole food, health and wellness industries.

Loloma is derived from coconut oil through a totally natural process to reach its purest form.

Through unique pioneering technology, the company was able to reduce the scent to a light natural fragrance and improve texture to be lightweight and highly absorbent, making it nature’s purest moisturizer, 100% chemical and additive free.

“Our story began in 2014, our son suffered from severe eczema when he was born. To treat him, we had to use steroid creams which were helpful but also had a lot of side effects. We started looking for a natural alternative and decided to try many different alternatives including coconut oil which worked very well to soothe his irritated and itchy skin.

Growing up, our grandparents and parents applied coconut oil for cuts, burns and also used it as a natural moisturizer, we decided to look further into the benefits of coconut oil and found it has so many healing properties including being antibacterial and antiviral”

As traditional oil is very greasy, the company set out to figure out how to keep all the properties intact but reduce the smell and change the texture to be highly absorbent.

It took two years to work with engineers to design a unique machine which enabled Loloma to achieve 100% totally chemical free process, resulting in 100% natural ultra light virgin coconut oil.

Young mothers would be delighted to use Loloma coconut oil moisturizer for their babies as it is:

• Totally chemical free

• Natural goodness for our little people

• No phthalates

• No parabens

• No nasties

• No dyes

• No synthetic material

Loloma Fiji is the world’s purest organic moisturizer and is currently largely distributed across countries such as the USA, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.

With a considerable number of beauty benefits, global names such as Macy’s and Amazon, have duly taken the brand on board for retailing. Loloma can be bought on Amazon USA, Macy’s, Beauty Bridge International, Narrative (NZ) and Shop Loloma.

With the hope of expanding into new markets, Loloma Fiji is currently expanding across Japan, China and Europe. The company has also made strong connections through Investment Fiji’s Trade Expo Series.

“We have made promising connections through the trade shows with potential distributors in Canada and New Zealand.

Ms. Singh added during COVID, it has been difficult for the company especially with the limited flights, increased costs of distribution and delays in getting cargo to a destination.

With hopes of borders easing up and export of goods commencing smoothly, the company is eager to launch new products by the end of the year.

Check out Loloma’s range of skincare products here 👉

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