Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) hosted a magnificent display of fashion creations at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney on June 23, 2023. The event, supported by the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, aimed to stimulate economic growth for the creative sector, foster social cohesion, and generate bilateral trading opportunities.


With a remarkable attendance of nearly 1,000 people, the Powerhouse Museum, Australia’s premier cultural institution, witnessed an extraordinary gathering of foreign governments and local and international artists. This year’s FOMA platform celebrated diversity and showcased the artistic and cultural exhibits of various diasporas. The Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission, serving as the in-country partner, presented an array of exquisite product displays, showcasing the rich range of products Fiji has to offer.


The Powerhouse came alive throughout the museum with stunning visual artistry, featuring a floor-to-ceiling projection of all exhibitors and designers. Additionally, a captivating short film highlighting FOMA 2023 and the country highlights of the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission was shown in the King Cinema.


Among the participating Fiji international artists and designers were Hupfeld Evers Hoerder, LavaLani Designs, Sugarose, Elaradi FIJI and Tracey Anne Farrington, who displayed their exceptional talent and creativity both in the exhibition and on the fashion runway.


As an integral part of the event, the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission presented an impressive range of exquisite products representing Fiji’s rich fashion heritage. The cultural display featured traditional textiles, handcrafted jewellery, and intricately designed artifacts, captivating visitors with Fiji’s exceptional craftsmanship and unique offerings.


FOMA 2023 brought together a diverse range of individuals, including those passionate about the artistic world of design, fashion leaders, and those seeking to experience multiculturalism at its best while enjoying all that the Powerhouse had to offer.


During the official in-country partnership announcement between the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission and FOMA, Mr Daniel Stow, Trade Commissioner, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The Fijian apparel and fashion industry has a rich heritage, with several fashion brands being sold and marketed worldwide. Fiji is home to many leading designers producing quality garments that we are thrilled to showcase as part of this year’s FOMA Exhibit and Runway.”


He further emphasized Fiji’s significant contribution to the Australian market: “Many school uniforms, workwear, and sporting jerseys such as AFL and NRL found in Australia are manufactured in Fiji. It is one of the economy’s most thriving sectors with well-established, first-class infrastructure. Positioned as the transportation and manufacturing hub of the Pacific, Fiji is eager to share its rich trading culture through platforms like FOMA, which provide opportunities to strengthen economic activity further.”


The Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission’s partnership with FOMA 2023 exemplifies its commitment to fostering cultural diversity, promoting Fiji’s creative industries, and further strengthening economic ties with Australia. Through this partnership, Fiji aims to showcase its exceptional talent, forge new business connections, and explore investment prospects in the Australian market.


FOMA was established in 2018 by Sonia Sadiq Gandhi, entrepreneur and Chief Executive of the multi-award-winning events enterprise Gandhi Creations. Its mission is to promote the diversity of Australia’s creative industries sector while connecting international brands seeking to invest and grow in the Australian market.




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