Fiji’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is gaining traction among Australian companies seeking outsourcing solutions. Recently, Fiji made a significant impact at Contact Centre Week, a premier trade show in Australia and New Zealand. Daniel Stow, Fiji’s Trade Commissioner for Australia and New Zealand, highlighted Fiji’s participation in the event as a strategic move to attract investment in the BPO space and foster sector growth.

In an email interview with the Australia Fiji Business Council (AFBC), Stow said, “Australia continues to be one of the largest sources of FDI into Fiji including in the BPO sector as awareness of Fiji as a nearshore outsourcing destination increases. We see Australian companies invest in a broad range of areas across the sector including ICT infrastructure, setting up BPO/KPO operations or outsourcing part of their business to vendors already on the ground in Fiji.”

Participating alongside Outsource Fiji, Investment Fiji, and the Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission Australia and New Zealand, the three-day summit featured exhibitions, awards ceremonies, discussions, and technology demonstrations. Stow said there was much interest from attendees in Fiji’s BPO sector and that there were a number of leads that came out of the show looking to outsource or expand operations to Fiji.

Asked about the short-to-medium term outlook for the sector Stow said, “There still remains immense growth potential, which continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in Fiji. We are now looking to capitalise on Fiji’s status as hub of the Pacific and as a cost-effective, nearshore destination for outsourcing in order to attract further investment and help continue to diversify the Fijian economy. There’s also continued investment in supporting infrastructure for the sector including undersea cabling, contact centre offices and data rooms as well as dedicated ICT business zones to complement Fiji’s already advanced telecommunications infrastructure.”

Sagufta Janif, Executive Director of Outsource Fiji, described the summit as a vital platform for engaging industry stakeholders and generating interest in Fiji’s potential as an outsourcing hub. She said it was also an opportunity to promote their upcoming event, the Exploring Outsourcing in Fiji Conference.

Kamal Chetty, Chief Executive Officer of Investment Fiji, underscored their joint participation with Outsource Fiji in showcasing Fiji’s appeal for outsourcing investments. Chetty emphasized Fiji’s advantages, including a skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and a business-friendly environment. Participation in events like Contact Centre Week enables Investment Fiji to connect with potential investors, understand their needs, and forge valuable business relationships in the outsourcing sector. Through meaningful engagement with decision-makers and influencers, Fiji aims to solidify its position as a premier destination for outsourcing investments.

Fiji’s BPO sector is emerging as a significant contributor to the country’s economy, offering competitive advantages and opportunities for growth. With a strategic geographic location, English-speaking population, and a stable political environment, Fiji presents itself as an attractive destination for outsourcing services.

The BPO industry in Fiji primarily focuses on customer service, technical support, data entry, and back-office operations. The sector benefits from a skilled and trainable workforce, with the government and private sector investing in training programs to enhance the capabilities of the local workforce and meet the demands of international clients.

Fiji’s BPO sector benefits from government support, including tax incentives and infrastructure development initiatives aimed at fostering business growth and attracting foreign investment. Additionally, the country’s robust telecommunications infrastructure and reliable internet connectivity contribute to the sector’s competitiveness.

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