Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad has explained how the $450 million budget support from the Australian government has been utilized.

Prasad says the funding from Fiji’s Vuvale Partnership will be used for key development projects, with a particular emphasis on the health sector in the new fiscal year.

He adds that the funding will enable the government to fulfill its commitment to the people.

“The budget support program from Australia and other development partners has immensely contributed to the achievement of various government initiatives and programs related to enhancing climate change, disaster, and social resilience, promoting private sector-led economic recovery and growth, and strengthening debt and public financial management.”

The Deputy Prime Minister says that the support from the Australian government has allowed the government to fund its relevant programs.

Prasad highlights that approximately $87 million has been used for policy reforms.

“In addition, Australia had provided around 15 million dollars for the rehabilitation of the CWM hospital, and around 9 million dollars was the Fiji Rural Electrification Fund. The provision of approximately 56 million dollars in grant funding support for the Fiji Cyclone Disaster Recovery Program.”

The Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, Ewen McDonald, says the money was released after careful consultations.

“We spend a lot of time discussing your portfolio, your finance portfolio, and we’re very pleased to support the Fiji Government with its finance strategy, and you can be assured of that continued success.”

He adds that the Vuvale partnership is built on a foundation of mutual trust, respect, and deep commitment between the countries.

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