The owners of Fiji Fire are delighted to announce that their hot sauce will now be widely available in stores across New Zealand after securing Brooke Fine Foods, one of the largest distributors in New Zealand, as the official distributor of the Fiji Fire Bongo Chilli hot sauce.

The hot sauce has been the talk of the town on Radio Hit, the sister company of NZME, after the station announcers used Fiji Fire hot sauce as a giveaway prize for their listeners.

Sam Campbell and Gauthier Mescam, the owners of the Down to Earth (Fiji) Pte Ltd, which makes the sauce in Fiji, take great pride in how Fiji Fire hot sauce is produced. Their dedicated staff batch craft the sauce by hand using locally sourced ingredients fresh from the farm.

Since the beginning the Fiji Fire team have firmly believed in giving back to the local community and helping them in any way they can. They provide farmers, community groups and local families with bongo chilli seedlings for free, and then purchase their crop.

“There are many benefits to life in Fiji, living the dream in paradise but there are also many factors that can make running an agriculture processing business difficult – climate change affecting the seasonal vegetable cycles, longer wet seasons affecting yields, increased shipping costs for export to name a few.

Our main aim with Fiji Fire is to give back to our local community. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seedling program has been the most rewarding part of running the business. We give free Bongo chilli seedlings to local families, community groups, village groups or small holding farmers. We buy the chilies all year round and set a fair price. When we started, we had a hand full of farmers, now we have over 30 different groups that fulfil our chilli needs,” explained Mr. Campbell.

The proud Fijian was grateful to the Fiji Trade Commission to New Zealand team for assisting him in amplifying the awareness and branding of the Fiji Fire Bongo chilli hot sauce and looking for opportunities to market the hot sauce in New Zealand through news media articles and radio show giveaways that opened bigger opportunities for the company.

“With our radio giveaway, Brooke Fine Foods coming onboard as our distributor, our attendance at the Auckland Food Show 2024 and being available in Bin Inn from July of this year, we feel that now Fiji Fire will establish itself as a household staple in NZ!

“Fiji Fire is looking forward to breaking into the New Zealand market. We have had a lot of interest from NZ and people who have tried or bought Fiji Fire whilst on holiday in Fiji and have been looking to buy our product in NZ.” highlighted Mr. Campbell.

Fiji Fire hot sauce is available now not only in Fiji but also in Australia, UK, Japan, USA, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

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