The Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission, together with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism & Transport, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Daniel Stow as Fiji’s Trade Commissioner to Australia & New Zealand.

Mr Stow has been with the Trade Commission for the past four and half years and has extensive experience in international trade, development and digital technology. Stow previously held the position of Manager Trade & Investment and since being appointed as Officer-in-Charge in mid-2019, has overseen nearly $150 million in registered investment projects and over $120 million in facilitated exports.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have also undertaken further market research & analysis in order to identify opportunities for Fijian products and engaged in capacity building training around digital literacy and e-commerce to help SME’s get into a better position than what they were pre-covid,” said Mr Stow.

The Trade Commission is responsible for trade & investment promotion to attract high-quality FDI into Fiji and find new market access opportunities for Fijian export products.

“It’s an honour and a privilege to be appointed to the role of Trade Commissioner. This is also accompanied by an overwhelming sense of duty and obligation to use this position to help provide greater economic opportunities for Fijians and further contribute to Fiji’s ongoing economic recovery & development,” Stow said.

Prior to joining the Trade Commission, Stow was a Senior Account Executive at Google Australia and is passionate about utilising digital technology as a platform to further enhance international trade. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) and Diploma of Languages from the University of Melbourne and Juris Doctor from the University of Sydney. Stow also has experience working on international trade & development training and projects in Indonesia, India & Central America.

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