Fiji Entry Conditions

Updated September, 2022


1.   Proof of Vaccination:

All travellers 16 years and above must produce proof of full vaccination. Only travellers under the age of 16 years may be exempt, provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who is vaccinated. Vaccinated travellers below the age of 16 may travel unaccompanied, observing all international travel protocols. A 14-day waiting period prior to travel following full vaccination applies, which is having received 2 doses of dual dosing vaccines or a single dose of the Janssen to be considered fully vaccinated. Fiji COVID-19 recognised vaccines include AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson (Janssen), Nuvaxovid (Novavax), Coronavac (Sinovac), Covishield, BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm), Covaxin and Sputnik V.

1.1     Alternative proof of vaccination: All travellers who have received single doses of Fiji COVID-19 recognised vaccines, have recovered from                COVID-19 and cannot be vaccinated a second time, due to national guidelines in their respective countries of residence are also accepted.

1.2     Other exempted travellers: Apart from travellers exempted under the age of 16 years, those belonging to any one of these categories are                     exempt  as well from producing proof of vaccination:

•  Travellers who have in their possession COVID-19 documentation declaring they are exempted from being vaccinated, provided these are              issued by health institutions, have a valid medical reason and issued by a doctor or by the Federal Government of their country of residence.

•  Travellers who have received COVID-19 vaccines not recognised by Fiji, however have either received a booster dose with a Fiji recognised              COVID-19 vaccine or have received three doses of a non-recognised vaccine.

2.   Travel Insurance: Travellers with existing insurance must present evidence of the cover not excluding COVID-19. Alternatively, travellers may opt for FijiCare COVID-19 travel insurance.

All foreign passport holders must have medical travel insurance before travelling, with international coverage of COVID-19 and other medical emergencies except the following groups of travellers who must provide a supporting letter from their sponsor/employer or themselves declaring the ability to meet all COVID related costs, including isolation, case management and the repatriation of persons for medical reasons or human remains:

1. Valid permit holders

2. Travellers and crew on yacht via Fiji’s Blue Lanes

3. Crew from commercial ships

4. Airline crew

5. Travellers entering seeking medical care

6. Travellers transiting Fiji for less than 72 hours.

3.   Medical Care Pathway: Travellers entering Fiji for the purposes of seeking medical care must contact BHPU via email: [email protected] for formal approval of entry using this pathway.



  1.    As part of Fiji’s enhanced surveillance and monitoring exercise, travellers may undergo random RAT upon arrival.
    Travellers who develop COVID-19 symptoms will be required to test. Travellers who test positive must isolate for a minimum of 5 days. Should the traveller or the insurance provider require a confirmatory PCR result, this will be facilitated at the cost of the traveller.

    All primary/close contacts of the confirmed case will not be required to serve a quarantine period.  However, all primary/close contacts need to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms during this period and immediately self-isolate for 5 days if present and inform relevant authorities.

  2.    All national public health measures remain promoted by the Fijian Government.
  3.    Cruise: For cruise ships and commercial vessels with sick travellers or crew onboard, medical personnel or crew/shipping agents are required to inform BHPU via email: [email protected] or call +679 6722054 before arriving at a maritime port in Fiji for clearance.
  4.    Due to increased surveillance efforts for health threats, you may be subject to a secondary screening procedure by BHPU officials based on the port(s) you have visited in the last 30 days, transited, or originally departed from.



Travellers may require COVID-19 test results to return to their countries of origin or another destination. The test booking can be facilitated by the hotel on advance notice or through Entry Test Fiji.


If transiting, you may do so if you have a valid outward ticket within 72 hours of arrival and must meet the requirements for entry into the country of your final destination, including Fiji’s proof of vaccination requirements for arrivals into Fiji.



Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) is a WHO-approved standard of best-practice health and safety measures. These industry-wide standards apply to accommodation, activity operators and transfers and include the appointment of Wellness Ambassadors to ensure that COVID-safe protocols are managed, monitored and staff trained across their business.  All CFC Businesses are 100% vaccinated.

  View CFC hotels and transfers here.



  • Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine also known as; Comirnaty, BNT162b2, COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (nucleoside-modified).
  • Moderna vaccine also known as; SpikeVax, mRNA-1273, CX-024414, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Moderna, TAK-919.
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine also known as; AZD1222, Vaxzevria, Covishield, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, ChAdOx1-S, AZD2816
  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine also known as; Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, Ad26.COV2.S, JNJ-78436735, Ad26COVS1, VAC31518.
  • Sinovac vaccine also known as; CoronaVac, PiCoVacc.
  • Sinopharm vaccine also known as; BBIBP-CorV, BIBP vaccine, Zhong’aikewei, Hayat-Vax, Vero Cell.
  • Covovax vaccine also known as; Nuvaxovid (Novavax), NVX-CoV2373, TAK-019, SARS-CoV-2 rS with Matrix-M1 adjuvant.
  • Covaxin vaccine also known as; B.BV152.
  • Sputnik V vaccine also known as; Gam-COVID-Vac.



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