Calmer Co. International Limited (ASX:CCO), a trailblazer in health and wellness products, has unveiled a groundbreaking development for its natural product line. Come January 2024, Coles Supermarkets across Australia will feature Calmer Co.’s 50mL Taki Mai® kava-shot and 150g FijiKava® Noble Kava® — a significant foray into the Australian market’s “low/no” alcohol alternatives sector, currently valued at over US$11 billion in 2023.

This introduction marks a historic debut of a ready-to-drink kava product in Australia, catering to the escalating demand for alcohol alternatives. The Taki Mai® kava-shot, available exclusively at Coles, boasts a minimal ingredient list, comprising kava, cold water, and nothing else. With just 5 calories, less than 1.2g total carbs, 0.3g sugar, and over 5 times the potassium of a banana, it stands as a healthy choice for consumers seeking an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

Coles, at the forefront of introducing drinking kava products, initially introduced the FijiKava® Noble Kava® 50g in 2022 following the Australian Government’s Kava Pilot Importation Trial. Building on the success of this venture, a larger 150g FijiKava® Noble Kava® product will now be available in over 300 Coles stores.

The FijiKava® Instant 150g, a best-seller on platforms like (USA) and, with daily sales exceeding $3500, will see increased accessibility through Coles Supermarkets.

Calmer Co., holding a unique position as the sole foreign entity licensed to operate in the Fijian kava industry, expresses gratitude for its partnership with Coles. CEO Anthony Noble highlights the success of this collaboration in making kava more widely accessible to Australians.

Noble underlines the significance of the 150g Drinking Kava addition, citing its rapid growth in online channels. He introduces the Taki Mai® kava-shot as an innovative product, providing the benefits of kava in a convenient and appealing format. Noble underscores the health advantages of reduced alcohol consumption combined with the relaxing effects and established health benefits of kava.

“The Taki Mai® kava-shot is an extremely exciting new product for us,” said Noble. “It is amazing to see just how healthy the kava-shot is with only 5 calories; it is sure to be a hit with those who, like me, are watching their weight but still wanting to relax and socialise in a healthy way this summer.”

As Australia’s interest in health-conscious alternatives continues to grow, the introduction of these kava products in Coles Supermarkets aligns with evolving consumer preferences, offering a unique and culturally significant option for relaxation and well-being.

Online sales soar

Meanwhile the company has announced a notable 70 per cent surge in e-store sales for the month of November 2023 alone. This remarkable achievement precedes the upcoming nationwide launch in Coles (COL) stores scheduled for January 2024. Consumers will soon become acquainted with the company’s flagship product, FijiKava, a health drink renowned for its relaxation effects. Additionally, a smaller “shot” product will also be available for distribution.

Calmer has also initiated shipping to New Zealand, citing promising early-stage demand. Sales in the US through Amazon continue to show strength.

“The marketing strategy has been extremely well targeted and we have seen increasing sales order volume and increasing basket value across the month,” Calmer CEO Anthony Noble was quoted as saying in the media.

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