Fiji’s outsourcing sector has received interest from Australian shared services providers following Fiji’s participation at the 25th Australasian Shared Services and Outsourcing Week.

The event was held in Melbourne on Wednesday and Thursday.

Outsource Fiji Executive Committee President, James Mastapha says the event has allowed the organisation to showcase Fiji amongst some of Australia’s leading shared services providers, who have shown interest in outsourcing their operations to Fiji.

He says being part of the event is a major achievement for Fiji.

Mastapha says they have received great feedback and interest from potential clients considering outsourcing to Fiji.

Workforce Management Solutions Consultant for Ramco Systems Australia, James Hoal, says he was not aware of Fiji’s capabilities as an outsourcing destination before the SSOW event.

Ramco System Australia was one of the exhibitors at the event.

Hoal says they are actually looking for parallel outsource partners, and Fiji is certainly one area they can look into right now.

Director North West at the Office of Coordinator-General (Tasmanian Government), David Bennett says Fiji’s participation is definitely good exposure for the participants to understand what Fiji’s involvement in the Shared Services industry is.

This is the second time Fiji has participated in a SSOW event.

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