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Investment Fiji is the trade and investment promotion arm of the Fiji government and is responsible for stimulating, promoting and facilitating investment and trade in Fiji. Contact Investment Fiji for detailed information on investment opportunities, incentives, business registration and licenses, work permits, taxation, foreign exchange control and cost structure.

There is an exciting and diverse range of investment opportunities through Investment Fiji, which include many current opportunities and joint venture arrangements. Fiji is a signatory to many international conventions, and has subsequently attained favourable market access to many other countries, allowing Fiji to provide a conducive investment climate with extensive opportunities alongside other countries.


Please contact us on +61 2 9900 0700 or [email protected] for further information concerning investment in Fiji.

Fiji Qualities and Business Capacity

  • Fiji has a secure business environment and has many investment opportunities specialising in manufacturing, garments/textile, fisheries, forestry, agro-processing, flori-culture, tourism, mining and services including information technology
  • Fiji has easy and reliable access to global communications and transportation (shipping and air travel) routes.
  • State of the art telecommunication infrastructure that provides links through fibre optic cable connections and satellites to the rest of the world.
  • Well-developed infrastructure, particularly electricity, water supply, international airports and wharfs.
  • Well-developed banking and financial institutions providing full financial services as well as fast registration of foreign investment projects.
  • Fiji has good health and medical facilities, including a modern private hospital and medical centres,
    as well as a well-educated workforce, with a literacy rate of 93.7%.

Fiji has Industry Associations Through

Tax Information

  • Fiji has a Corporate Tax Rate of 20%.
  • Listed company on the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) will be subject to a low corporate
    tax rate of 10% provided the company has 40 percent local shareholding structure.
  • A foreign company that establishes/relocates its Headquarters to Fiji will be subject to a low
    corporate tax rate of 17%.
  • Fiji has many tax-free regions, notably; Savusavu Industrial Zone, Rotuma, Kadavu, Levuka,
    Lomaiviti and Lau.

Foreign Investment Legislation and Certificates

To facilitate and regulate foreign investment in the Fiji Islands.

Enacted by the Parliament of the Fiji Islands to amend the Foreign Investment Act.

A list of foreign investment regulations.

Enacted by the Parliament of the Republic of Fiji to amend the Foreign Investment Act 1999.

Please read this form carefully and ensure that you understand what is required to complete this Application Form.

Prior to commencement of a business in Fiji, a foreign investor will be expected to apply and obtain approval from the following agencies or through the website

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