I do not have the six months validity on my passport between my intended date of travel and the expiry of my passport, and I intend to travel to Fiji soon. Can I still travel to Fiji?

If you are travelling on a Fijian passport to Fiji, this requirement of having a six months validity on your passport does not apply for you.

Please be advised that non-Fijian passport holders intending to travel to Fiji are required to have their passports valid for 6 months from their intended date of arrival into Fiji. If the validity of your passport is less than 6 months you will not be permitted to travel to Fiji.

In exceptional and extenuating circumstances, persons who can demonstrate that it is not possible to have their passports renewed prior to their intended date of travel may submit an application for a 6-months passport validity waiver to enter Fiji. The application and fees should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to departure. Please note that waiver approvals are not guaranteed and are granted on a case-by-case basis, in exceptional circumstances only. The Waiver fee is non-refundable. The relevant documents can be posted or lodged personally in our office. Any other location in Australia will need their application to the Fiji High Commission in Canberra.