Exporting to New Zealand


Two way trade of goods between Fiji and New Zealand totalled $975 million FJD ($678 million NZD) in 2018.

  • Fiji is New Zealand’s 19th largest trading partner and New Zealand is Fiji’s 3rd largest export destination of goods
  • 6.5% of Fijian exports go to New Zealand
  • Annual imports from Fiji were $98.7 million NZD for 2018
  • Major Fijian exports to NZ are textile clothing, taro, pharmaceutical products and kava

Import Conditions

All plants and plant products are PROHIBITED entry into New Zealand, unless an import health standard has been issued in accordance with Section 22 of the Biosecurity Act 1993.

Click here to view an approved list of commodities from Fiji approved by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

Click here to view the list of treatment appendices for approved commodities from Fiji by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

For further information, please refer to the Fiji Exporter Guide.

Other Regulations in New Zealand


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