Every citizen in our country can proudly call themselves a Fijian and hold confidence that their voice and vote matter equally in our democracy.

This was the reassurance made by Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama while officiating at the Fiji Day celebrations at Woodward Park in Liverpool yesterday.

“Finally, every family can send their girls and boys to school without shouldering the costs of school fees, textbooks and transportation. The viciousness of racism is called out and condemned and finally, the vast talents and potential of our people are being unlocked for the sake of a greater, patriotic good,” he said.

“We’re making big, long-term investments that are going to pay back returns over generations, laying a rock-solid foundation of progress for our children and their children to build upon.

“We’re also uplifting more of our people from job-takers into job-makers.”

PM Bainimarama also urged the Fijian diaspora to bring back their innovative ideas and invest in Fiji and seize upon the boundless market opportunities and untapped white space at their feet.

The event which featured food and market stalls, entertainment, Fijian Government information centres and amusement rides was also attended by other Pacific islanders.

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