On 31 May 2024, the Fiji Consulate and Trade Commission, in collaboration with the Fiji High Commission and the New South Wales Fiji Business Council, proudly hosted the Ratu Sukuna and Girmit Day Commemoration at the Granville Centre. This event brought together over 300 guests from the Fijian diaspora to honour Ratu Sukuna Day and Girmit Day, serving as a remarkable tribute to Fiji’s rich cultural heritage and history.

The evening featured vibrant cultural performances and insightful discussions that highlighted the significance of these two important days. Ratu Sukuna Day honours one of Fiji’s most significant leaders and statesmen, Sir Ratu Sukuna. His life and legacy continue to inspire us, teaching the values of dedication, hard work, and community service. Reviving Ratu Sukuna Day allows us to draw inspiration from our past to shape a better future.

Girmit Day marks the 145th anniversary of the arrival of indentured labourers from India to Fiji. This day is a powerful platform for storytelling and history-sharing, recognising the resilience, sacrifices, and enduring contributions of the Girmitiyas—Fiji’s ancestors who laid the foundations of modern Fiji. Their contributions have enriched Fiji’s social and cultural fabric, becoming a source of pride and connection for all Fijians.

The event’s highlights included performances that showcased the diverse and vibrant Fijian culture, as well as discussions that delved into the historical and contemporary significance of Girmit Day and Ratu Sukuna Day. The speakers emphasised honouring these days to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Fiji’s history.


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