Australian Food Labelling Webinar

Investment Fiji hosted a food labelling webinar for the Australian market with guest speaker from Food Labelling Experts; Ms. Robyn Banks.

Ms. Robyn Banks from Food Labelling Experts has over 20 years of experience in food labelling and regulatory management, working with premier international brands. Robyn had a secondment to the National Food Authority (a precursor to the present Food Standards Australia New Zealand) and also worked with small to medium businesses.

Investment Fiji’s webinar information series is to assist businesses and exporters on regular export requirements as part of its Trade Development Program.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Investment Fiji, Mr. Kamal Chetty gave an overview of Investment Fiji’s services on export promotion, investment matching and investment facilitation.

“We work with new and established exporters in upskilling and promoting their products and services overseas and the food labelling webinar will assist businesses to capture information required for export to Australia especially in Food sector.”

Mr. Chetty highlighted on the e-trade expos, online exporter guide and trade development programs currently underway to market Fijian exporters and their products to overseas buyers.

Fiji’s top agriculture exports to Australia in 2020 were Taro, Kava, Turmeric, Coconut and mix of vegetables while top agriculture export increases included Kava, Turmeric, Coconut oil, Ginger and Taro.

Australia is Fiji’s 2nd largest export market with exports increased by 8% in 2020 and total value of $249 million worth of goods being exported. Currently gold, readymade garments, sweet biscuits and taro make up the export bundle.

Ms. Banks gave an overview on labelling requirements to Australia and highlighted that most foods sold at retail stores must comply with specific labelling requirements.

Key points such as ingredient lists required for most foods sold at retail level, inclusion of pictures on the label, country of origin, food must meet stringent nutritional requirements and date marking were discussed.

A total of 50 participants attended the webinar series.

You can view recording of this webinar below:

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