The Australia Fiji Business Council and the Fiji Australia Business Council Fiji have announced the 27th Australia Fiji Business Forum. the much-anticipated forum will take place at the Intercontinental Sydney Hotel from 31 August to 1 September 2023. This year’s forum theme embodies the longstanding and profound business relationship between Australia and Fiji, spanning over three centuries. Moreover, it highlights the ongoing reinvigoration and diversification of the Fijian economy in the post-Covid period, coupled with the change of government in Fiji in December 2022.

You are cordially invited to register and attend. You can register online here:

Having commenced in 1987 and hosted most years since then, the Business Forum stands as the premier annual bilateral business gathering between Australian and Fijian businesses and governments. Participants will be granted unparalleled access to invaluable insights into business prospects in Fiji while also forging connections with esteemed policymakers and senior business figures from Australia and Fiji.

The Forum aims to provide businesses with pertinent information regarding current and potential opportunities in Fiji while also fostering closer ties between Australian and Fijian enterprises, which have a longstanding history of collaboration and cooperation.

The program, to be released shortly, will include keynote addresses by senior members of both the Australian and Fijian governments, shedding light on the respective governments’ perspectives. Additionally, expert presenters will deliver sessions on the Fijian economy, investment guidance for interested parties, opportunities for private sector involvement in Fiji’s public enterprises, as well as prospects within Fijian agriculture, manufacturing, renewable energy, climate change resilience, and business expansion opportunities. The A$2 billion Australia Infrastructure Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP), which commenced on 1 July 2019, will also create fresh avenues for Australian businesses in infrastructure development across Fiji and the Pacific region.

Anticipated outcomes of this event for attending businesses include a heightened understanding of the potential for further growth in the bilateral business and investment relationship between Australia and Fiji. It also serves as an opportunity for businesses in both countries to address any concerns they believe necessitate governmental policy or administrative measures to facilitate bilateral business and investment expansion.

The Fiji market presents numerous prospects for Australian companies in various sectors, encompassing services related to tourist resort operations and refurbishment, building and construction, infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, power, water, sewerage, ports, airports, as well as food and beverage, ICT products, and services including back-office and remote operations.

The provisional program will be released shortly. Given the limited space and anticipated high demand, early registration is strongly encouraged. Participants who register by 19 July 2023 will be eligible for an early bird registration discount. Register here:

Opportunities for sponsoring different segments of the conference are still available. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Mr. Frank Yourn, Executive Director of the Australia Fiji Business Council, via telephone at +61 7 3348 5142 or by email at [email protected] to discuss sponsorship options.

For general inquiries, please contact Lillian Chapman, Business and Events Manager at the Australia Fiji Business Council, via email at [email protected] or by phone at +61 3348 5142.

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