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Kindly note, all fee is NON REFUNDABLE once paid. Payment can also be done by Money order or Bank Cheque made out to “FIJI CONSULATE GENERAL”. Cash and personal cheques are not accepted.

Application forTotal Fee (AUD)
Passport Renewal (Expedited)$244.00 ($298.00)
Replacement Passport for Lost/ Damaged Passport (Expedited)$387.00 ($474.00)
Certificate of Identity$201.00
Single Entry Visa$165.00
Multiple Entry Visa$229.00
Waiver Request$100.00
Expedited Waiver Request

*DISCLAIMER* only applicable to use if travel time is less

than 3 days

Service Fee$100.00
Registration of Minor$364.00
Dual Citizenship Fee$2,447.00
Apostille, Facilitation Letters, Verification$100.00
Search Fee$109.00
Marriage Certificate$120.00
Marriage Certificate- Tapa Design$159.00
Birth Certificate (BC)$112.00
Correction of Errors (BC)$108.00
Addition of Names (BC)$108.00
Death Certificate$112.00
Police Clearance$170.00


STEP 1: Go to the ‘Online Applications’ page under the ‘Online Consular Services’ tab of the website. Click on the ‘Upload and Pay‘ icon under the ‘Application Portal‘ tab.


STEP 2: Enter your contact information (Name, Phone, Email) and then select the application you are submitting from the dropdown under the title ‘Which application are you submitting today?.


STEP 3: You will then be prompted to download an application form. Click on the link to download the application form for you to complete.


STEP 4: Once you have completed filling out your application form, it’s time to submit it. Here, you have two options.

If you are submitting your application at the same time as making payment, you must click I am submitting my application online and submitting payment. This will allow you to upload your application and your supporting documents, then click NEXT to progress to the payment page.

If you have already sent through your application in hard or soft copy, you must select Payment of fee only as I am submitting my application through email ([email protected]) OR by post. This will mean that you can click NEXT to progress to the payment page without needing to upload your documentation.


STEP 5: Double check that you are submitting and making payment for the correct application, then enter your card information for the payment to be processed (please note that your credit card information is not stored by the Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission for security purposes). Once you have entered your card details, press SUBMIT.


If payment is successful, you will see a confirmation message on your website browser and you will receive an email confirmation.

If payment is not successful, an error message will show on the payment page. You must complete payment before any application form is processed.

If you are having problems submitting your application, please send a description and screenshot of the error to [email protected] and we will assist as promptly as possible.

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