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Bula Vinaka, Namaste, Assalaam waleikum, Noa'ia and Greetings to all,

The Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission Offices in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand share important information for people travelling to or investing in Fiji. Fijians and visitors to Fiji can benefit from a range of different consular services and seek support when establishing their businesses in Fiji. Fijian exporters can also utilise our services to identify market access opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

With offices in Sydney and Auckland, we host numerous business networking and industry trade events throughout the year that promote the many exciting trade and investment opportunities for Fijians and foreign investors. Fiji is much more than an exotic holiday destination with world-class resorts and world-famous hospitality. Fiji is also an ideal trade and investment destination that is home to many global businesses, multilateral organisations and the hub of the Pacific region for agriculture, tourism, education services, transportation, ICT and manufacturing, amongst other sectors.

Whether you are looking forward to your next holiday in Fiji, wanting to export Fijian products to Australia and New Zealand or looking to invest – our team is ready to help make your vision a reality. Please enjoy our new and improved website to get more information about trade and investment opportunities in Fiji, upcoming events and how to invest in Fiji. We also have an online application portal for key consular services on our website and other helpful tips and advice to guide you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated on latest developments about Fiji.

Vinaka vakalevu,

- Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission, Australia and New Zealand

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Posted by Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission, Australia & New Zealand on Saturday, 4 April 2020

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